Sadiq Abubakar better known as Caxtro A.K.A D-heater, is
a northen Nigerian musician and song writer who mostly
sings in his native language Hausa” . He
became popular in late 2016 after doing a couples of songs
and freestyles, became a household
name 2017 and he already has great fan base
and majority of his fans are mainly from the

street in theNorthern part of Nigeria.
Sadiq Abubakar Known As caxtro dheater, a native of
MMC of Borno State was born in
Maiduguri, Nigeria. The Hip Hop &Afro Pop sensation attended
North East International primary School, Federal Goverment College Maiduguri 
Bama road,
. Thereafter, he went to
Ramat Polytechnic Maiduguri Till date .
The self acclaime Sadiq Abukar

was Born
on december 12th , he is a Northern performing
artiste he is a Street Ambassador . He became famous and finally hit his
stardom after releasing his hit songs
“You Stole my Heart”,Wo cover,bobority etc” all produced by a
spectacular upcoming producer “ Zuse Baby”.
He discovered music is flowing in his vein while
he was still in secondary school precisely SS1
and knew he had the gift of composing good
songs, he was able to composed “munfisu” in 2015, this song he plans to remix in
the future.
caxtro was singed to

The afropop singer
disclosed that he is working on his sophomore
album to be released any time soon. The young
talent has worked with the likes of so many artist.
street and he is widely known with his signatory
introduction “d heater” when singing. Most
people has wondered how he got his stage name
Caxtro and he recently revealed that the
name was given to him by his mentor who
happen to be one of the most celebrated
Nigerian blogger Mr Verdoo. 

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